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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I book a consultation?

To book a consultation, please complete the website booking request form. To book a follow up consultation, please follow instructions as above. Please ensure that you make this in advance as appointment availability will not be guaranteed

Do you see children or overseas patients?

Unfortunately, you must reside in the UK and be over 16 years of age before booking an appointment to see Dr Taylor.

Can I have a telephone or video consultation?

We offer telephone and video consultations as well as face to face appointments within the clinic at Jura Health. Telephone and video consultations are charged at the same price as face-to-face consultations.

Will I need a referral from my GP? 

You do not need a referral from another Doctor to see Dr Taylor.

Will my GP prescribe medication suggested by Dr Taylor?

It is the choice of the patient to request medication via their NHS GP, Dr Taylor will offer a private prescription that will be accepted at most pharmacies. Medications will be charged by individual pharmacies.

How will i get my prescribed medication?

From January 2024, Dr Claire Taylor will be transitioning to a new process for providing prescriptions. We have partnered with Pharmacierge, an online pharmacy and medication delivery service which has been operating since 2008, to ensure that you can receive your medication in a timely and cost-effective manner, delivered directly to your home or work at a time that suits you.

Dr Claire Taylor has no affiliation with Pharmacierge and the choice remains that of the patient to opt for a pharmacy of their choice should they wish to do so.

How do I order repeat prescriptions? 

All repeat prescriptions can be arranged via our exclusive members site upon patient registration

What if I am housebound and cannot attend anywhere for investigations?

Dr Taylor is aware that many patients are housebound and find it difficult to access investigations. Some patients ask their GP for blood tests or ECG testing. It will be your GPs’ decision if they decide to carry out any suggested investigations. There are however private providers who can come to your house to take blood.

How do I contact the clinic with any queries I have following my appointment?

Please use the "Contact Us" 

The occasional brief email query will be answered free of charge. More than an occasional query will lead to a charged consultation so that Dr Taylor can efficiently address any concerns and ensure your well-being

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