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The Vagus Nerve, Enteric Nervous System, Covid & Other Viruses

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

I am especially blown away by how many Long Covid & MECFS patients have autonomic nervous dysfunction or POTS. In fact, it is so striking I rarely see anyone with post-exertional malaise without POTS. Test for POTS.

The Vagus nerve is a giant nerve known as ‘the wandering nerve’. It ‘wanders’ from the brain into the organs in the neck, chest, and abdomen. A highway from the brain to the body and back. It’s the longest nerve in the body. And neglected in medicine.

Read more below on the effects of viruses on the vagus nerve and enteric nervous system. And Giraffes!

Vagus Nerve POTS
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Judith Wilson
Judith Wilson
18 февр.
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But there are large areas of the NHS that do not have the luxury of tilt tables and elaborate machines to record the BP/HR data, and they are left with equipment not much better than DIY NASA tests, which in my case showed far more nuanced results on a tilt table than just Long Covid PoTS!

Dr Claire Taylor
Dr Claire Taylor
18 февр.
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Yes - we have first world money and often third world medicine. Some areas do not even have anyone to refer POTS to, which is why I set up my clinic. I could not believe that patients were left with NO option whatsoever. Many were bouncing in and out of hospital with tachycardia, had an ECG lying down and told they were anxious. No one stood them up. The autonomic unit in London has the full technology. Everywhere else is a hit and miss. For most straight forward cases of POTS, a 10 minute stand test will suffice. However, if there are additional features like labile blood pressure or bradycardia a tilt test should be done. I have also see…

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